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I now have the New Xbox Experience on my 360. It's interesting. Honestly, I'm mostly just thrilled about having streaming Netflix on my tv. :D
Melissa and I were playing Left 4 Dead on the highest difficulty. It was rough. By the time that the safe house was in sight, it became clear to me that most, if not all, of us were going to die before we got there. I was presented with two options.

1) Die side-by-side with my friends and lady, in a noble fight, or

2) Run into the safe house while the zombies are focused on attacking them.

I legged it.

I got into the room, slammed the door shut, and ignored the cries of my former friends (now likely zombies) as they died. I probably also ate sandwich after it faded to black. It was hungry work.

Melissa then respawned in the safe house. I grabbed the nearest shotgun and blew her head off.

"WHY!?! Why would you do that?"
"... You just died, but you were walking around... Zombie!"

So it turns out that I'll likely survive quite a while during a zombie apocalypse if my friends don't kill me for fear of my ruthlessness.

We win. :D

It's a good feeling to be involved in something from the ground floor, from day one, and win despite everyone saying "Oh it'll never happened. [insert name] already has it locked up and Obama would get crushed in a general election."

So... HAH!

And while I spend today glowing (and gloating) here's something funny. Click here.

Party idea

My goth douche bag costume was a rousing success... so I had an idea for a party.

Douche Bags and Cougars.

Lets face it, they tend to go together (see Ashton) so why not have a party that's themed that way?


Look at the bright side

If things keep going this way, I'll be able to buy the 4000 sq foot home for a couple pixie sticks and a wooden nickel!

Featuring Melicious, J.Peterrible, and Kilith.