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Catching Up Post 1: Kerouac

So... Kerouac. He's my dog. I've had him since I was a 1L and he was a street dog. Back when I took him in he was disgusting. Seriously. He was missing a ton of hair, what hair he did have had a hedgehog quality to it, he was missing most of his teeth, he was cross eyed, and he smelled evil. But he was very sweet. Within 24 hours Jabriel and I had figured out a name for him and I adopted him.

The hair grew back, the teeth didn't... and he's still cross-eyed and smelly. Oh and he's a white dog who had enormous black testicles that swung the way you'd imagine that Poe's pendulum swung. He doesn't have those anymore. I suspect he secretly holds a grudge over that.

So why "Kerouac"? Well, I wanted to name him after Dean Moriarty since he was very similar to Dean. However, if I named him "Dean" people would have assumed it was because of James Dean and if I went with Moriarty the best case scenario would have been that people thought I was really into Sherlock Holmes but the more likely result would have been people would have assumed I was mega goth. Given that he was found on the road, "Jack Kerouac" seemed a natural fit. And frankly he has lived up to his namesake in most every way possible. Early on he got drunk on a glass of scotch that I left on the floor next to the couch. That's the kind of dog Kerouac is. Heh.

Kerouac and I have been through a lot together. He was there with me through every step of lawschool except for the rather terrible first semester. He was there when my grandfather died. He was waiting for me (and more than a little angry) when I returned from my summer in Thailand. He was there scrutinizing the girls I dated (and usually squeezing between us, and then repeatedly kicking the girl until she moved). And he's still here now. In fact, he's passed out a few feet away from me.

Note: he never did the kicking thing with Melissa. Although she made a concerted effort to bribe him at every opportunity, and still does. Heh.

Kerouac has had 3 kinds of tumors, two have been cancerous. The first was in his mouth and we had it removed shortly after I took him in. The second showed up two and a half years ago in the knee-pit of his rear right leg. We had it removed but it kept coming back. Eventually the area wouldn't heal and the tumor wouldn't stop growing so about a year ago we had to make the tough decision of amputation. Although really it wasn't that hard of a decision, it was either amputation or putting him down and I wasn't going to kill him. The third came several months ago in the form of a different kind of skin cancer on his side (that's three separate types of cancer in one dog!). After speaking with vets about it, we had the cancer removed and are hopeful that we won't see anymore tumors since we haven't seen any signs of metastasis. However, I'm all too aware of how bad his luck is.

Anyway, so that's a brief history of Kerouac. As for what he's like... he's the most laid back and loving little guy you'd ever meet. In fact, even people with dogs typically are envious of Kerouac because he's such a cool dog. It's hard to put into text what makes him great. He's just incredibly sweet.

These days he gets around on 3 legs, which helps the sweetness, and when we go for long walks I pull him in a little red wagon. I've been thinking about renting him out to single friends because I think it would be impossible to not get a date while pulling a three legged dog in a little red wagon in my neighborhood. Heh.

Originally, Melissa and I were going to get a cat (and name him Ginsberg) but the older Kerouac has gotten the more convinced I've become that it would break his heart and he'd feel that he was being replaced. Also, I'm really just not a cat person; I don't have the brain parasite (toxoplasma, look it up).

Yesterday Melissa made a comment about future dogs but I just can't imagine getting another dog. Dog owners will sometimes talk about a dog in that way that telegraphs clearly that it was The Dog for them, the big love of their pet owning lives. That's Kerouac. I think any other pets would just be a pale shadow at this point. Hell, he's the background on my cellphone. Heh.

In a month Melissa and I leave for our honeymoon. I'd be lying if I said I won't be missing him and worrying about him. I should know, I've done this before. ;) On the upside, Jovon is going to be crashing at our place and dog sitting, so Kerouac won't be in a strange place with strangers. He loves Jo. Back in law school he'd start to whine a little and run around the apartment whenever he heard Jo's truck. Kerouac will be just fine. :)

If you're wondering what Kerouac looks like, scroll down to the Obama-style "BEG" poster I posted on here a while ago. That sausage looking dog begging for treats? That's him.


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Mar. 31st, 2010 01:43 am (UTC)
I can relate to this. We've been though some pretty intense health stuff with Morris, but he is OUR dog.
Both Chris and i have pics of him on Facebook. He is the best best best big pain in the ass, ever.
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